Treasure Your Friend

Treasure a friend

For you will seek friendship

In touch of goodness

And it will never rip

Friends in your heart

Will be the one

The one that takes

You to a place of fun

So don’t break your friendship

And lend a hand

Do good things,

Treasure a friend


Don’t Lie

Mommy said do not lie

But I seem to broke her tie?

I said, Mom I didn’t do it

But I feel so guilty and shy

But I had the spirit

To tell that I lied

And not to do it again

For telling the truth

Is more comfty

Than stuck in the same old lie


Why do they have to make rules

Or announce a new regulation!

Isn’t it life must be free

Without any irritation?

Officer said,You must follow rules and regulations

So that you won’t be harmed

And you will be in your home

And you will stay in calm

Kid said,Okay officer

I will follow the regulations

I’ll try to do it

But first I’m going to do some solutions



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